Common Types of Car Accidents

Car accidents happen in a variety of ways and in many different situations. It can happen when driving at any speed or from any angle. It can also happen anywhere, including side streets and parking lots. The type of collision impacts the resulting injuries. Car accidents are classified according to two main factors: what was struck (e.g., a person, an object or a vehicle) and the direction of the impact. Some common types of car accidents include:
    • Head-on Collisions
A head-on collision happens when the front ends of two vehicles hit each other at high speeds. The excessive amount of force generated by the impact often results in catastrophic injuries. Head-on collisions mostly occur due to driver inattention.
    • Rear Impact Collisions
Rear impact collision is a common type of car accident. It is mostly caused by the driver behind the impacted car. Rear impact collisions mostly occur due to driver distraction in red lights or in congested traffic. This type of accident can be dangerous because, the non-negligent driver is usually unable to avoid the crash.
    • Side Collisions
Side collisions, also known as T-bone accidents, occur when a car is hit by another car on the side creating a “T” shape. It can cause an impact on the front passenger side, back passenger side, front driver side, or back driver side. Side collisions can cause serious injuries to the driver or passenger(s) due to the position and intensity of the impact, and the possibility of shattering glass.
    • Vehicle Rollover
Vehicle rollover happens when a vehicle overturns on its side or roof. This type of accident often occurs when a vehicle is traveling at high speed, or when a vehicle hits another vehicle traveling at high speed. Vehicle rollover can be very dangerous and it can result in fatal car accident injuries.
    • Single Car Accidents
Single car accident accidents occur when a vehicle strikes other objects such as poles, trees, walls, fire hydrants, etc. It may also involve hitting innocence bystanders or a pedestrian. These accidents often lead to property damage and personal injury.high speed. Vehicle rollover can be very dangerous and it can result in fatal car accident injuries
  •     Multi-Vehicle Collisions
Multi-vehicle collisions, also called multi-vehicle pileups, involve several vehicles. It commonly occurs on high-speed or high-capacity routes such as highways or free ways. This is one of the most deadly forms of traffic accidents as the mass of crumpled vehicles make it difficult for the occupants to escape. Multi-vehicle collisions may also possibly result in a fire breakout that can quickly spread throughout an entire crash area where there is spilled gasoline. It’s often difficult to determine the cause in a multi-vehicle crash.


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