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Common Factors That Affect Personal Injury Claims

Victims of personal injury accidents are entitled to compensation for their injuries. There are many factors that affect compensation in personal injury cases. These factors are involved in calculating the final amount of your personal injury claim.
Common Factors That Affect Personal Injury Claims Are:
Liability: Liability plays a major role in determining compensation. To be liable for compensation, personal injury must prove that the other party’s negligence caused the accident. If you fail to establish liability, you will not be able to receive compensation.
Comparative Fault: In fault states, liability for accidents is shared by the at-fault party and the victim of the accident. Hence, the amount of compensation paid is based on both parties’ percentage of fault.
The Type of Injury: The type and the extent of the injuries suffered determine the amount of compensation you will receive. A higher compensation is granted for serious injuries that cause permanent damage to the body or lifelong disability, while less compensation is awarded for minor injuries.
The Recovery Period: The period of time it takes to recover from injuries influences compensation.
The compensation will be greater if the victim suffered permanent injuries, or a long-term injury or disability as a result of the accident.
Medical Expenses: The victim is entitled to receive compensation for medical expenses incurred to treat the injuries sustained in the accident. The party at fault is liable for the victim’s medical treatment as well as the estimated cost of future medical care.


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