Wage Loss Due To A Construction Accident Injury

Construction sites can be a dangerous environment filled with heavy equipment, scaffolds, chemicals, electrical lines and wires. Accidents that occur at construction sites can be fatal or leave victims with a physical disability and significant financial burdens. When you face a loss of wage due to work related injuries, you are entitled to worker’s compensation benefits. Seeking the expertise of a construction accident lawyer can help you recover partial or total compensation for the injuries suffered while you focus on the healing process.
Partial and Total Disability Wage Loss
There are different types of wage loss benefits depending on the jurisdiction. Partial disability wage loss is payable to injured workers who are temporarily disabled. When you return to workpart-time or in a position that pays less, you are entitled to wage loss benefit equal to, two-thirds of the difference between before and after injury earnings. Total disability wage loss is the benefit you collect when you are unable to work at all following the accident. Even though there is no expiration date for the total disability wage loss benefit, you may be asked for a re-evaluation of your disability status.
Hire a Construction Accident Lawyer
  • Determining wage loss benefits involves a lot of calculations and paperwork. An experienced construction accident lawyer can determine if you are receiving everything that is due.
  • Wage loss claim can be denied for a number of reasons such as turning down a part time assignment.Construction accident lawyers can help get the claim reinstated.
  • Experienced lawyers are able to evaluate your case to determine if you are entitled to compensation from other sources.
  • The lawyer can help if your employer refuses to provide worker’s compensation insurance. You may have the right to sue the employer or the person who is responsible for your injury, lost wages and other damages incurred.


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