Factors Contributing to Truck Accidents

Accidents involving trucks and tractor trailers can lead to catastrophic personal injury due to their size, weight and cargo. There are certain factors that contribute to truck accidents. Some of these factors may be caused by the truck driver or trucking company’s negligent actions.
Factors That Contribute to Truck Accidents Are:
Driver Error: This is the most significant contributing factor to truck accidents. Driver error includes: inattention, driver fatigue, using cell phones while driving, driving too fast for conditions, poor awareness of blind spots, driving while intoxicated or taking certain medications, etc. These factors can lead to a driver’s inability to react to the dangers on roadways, thereby causing unnecessary risks.
Weather and Road Conditions: Weather and road conditions such as ice, snow, heavy rains, or high winds have a major impact on truck safety. Trucks can easily lose control because of the height, weight, length and heavy loads. Truck drivers need to know how to handle weather and road conditions. It is advisable to avoid driving in unfavorable weather conditions.
Mechanical Failure: This is a common cause of truck accidents. Mechanical failure results from poor vehicle maintenance,improper use of equipment, and incomplete employee training.
Improper Loading: When the truckload is improperly secured or positioned, it can result in an imbalanced load. Improper loading can cause a truck to tip over, or cause the load to fall off the truck onto the roadways in the lanes of traffics.
Failure to Comply with the FMSCA Regulations: The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), an agency in the United States Department of Transportation regulates the trucking industry . Every truck driver and company is required by the FMSCA to perform a pre-trip inspection and regular inspections and maintenance of their trucks throughout the year. Trucks and truck companies often fail to comply with FMSCA rules and guidelines, which leads to many truck accidents.

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