Proving Fault in A Car Accident

If you are involved in a car accident, it’s important to prove to the court and the insurance party who is at fault. The party at fault is subject to legal, financial and criminal liabilities. Here are some important points to consider when proving fault in a car accident.
Police Report
When an accident occurs, a police report is usually filed. Sometimes it contains evidence and the officer’s opinion of what happened. The police report could also indicate if any citations were issued for the violation of traffic rules. It could also mention negligent behavior or if drugs or alcohol were involved.If the police report mentions someone being at fault or violating traffic rules or being careless, it can provide strong support for your claim.
Researching State Traffic Laws
Look for support in The Department of Motor Vehicles for basic state traffic laws. The traffic law will contain listings that may apply to your accident. Copy the statute number and the exact wording and refer to them accordingly when testifying in court or to the insurance party.
Gathering Evidence Before Leaving the Scene
Witness statements could provide fair judgement of who is at fault. Taking pictures of the scene and other details surrounding the crash preserves evidence. Pictures and videos of the accident capture accident details like the location, position, driving conditions, etc.
Situations That Shows the Other Driver is at Fault
Back-end damage to the car could mean the accident was a rear-end collision. This assures that the other diver is at fault, as there is a basic rule of driving to keep a safe distance from other cars. Likewise, damage on the front right could mean it was a left turn accident. Generally, a left-turn accident is to be blamed for a collision with a car heading straight in the opposite direction.
Damage Done to Vehicle
Before repairing the car, document every detail of the damage done. Damage on the vehicle could mean speeding was a factor in the accident.

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