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Every day, there are many new devices and products coming to market with the promise of improving the lives of persons with illness or disability. However, many of the devices that are coming to market are found to have defects which can cause serious injury to users and patients. Bad products are not solely found in medical devices. When a manufacturer realizes that a bad part is causing injury, they may recall a product to minimize claims of injury.

You can find information as to unsafe medical products at the FDA website: Click Here

If you or someone you know is injured from the use of a defective medical product, bad drug or a victim of asbestos exposure, you should contact your attorney to obtain as much information as you can to see if you have a viable claim.

Everyday products, devices or machines can be dangerous or harmful to consumers. These claims include bad drugs and asbestos exposure. Manufacturers of such products or devices can be held liable for injury when those products cause physical harm.

Who better to know the inherent dangers of a product but the manufacturer? Many such claims are based on a failure to warn of dangers with the ordinary use of the product. The product may even have been previously recalled. If you have been hurt by a defective product, call us.

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