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In New York, the law provides that persons hurt through the negligence of others can bring legal claims to recover their damages. In each case, there are legal requirements that must be met….but for someone who is working and then, as result of an accident, is then unable to work, this can be a life altering event personally and to the client’s family, not to mention the time and attention necessary to recover and the medical care and treatment required.
At my office, we often see clients whose lives are going along just fine and then, in one instant, everything changes. After a serious accident, clients want to know answers to such questions as:
  • How will I make up for my wage losses?
  • How will I pay for my medical care and treatment?
  • What will occur if I am unable to return to work?
  • Who will cover my future medical expenses?
  • What about my pain from the injuries I have?
  • What if I don’t recover and have lifelong injuries?
In my office, we examine every area of loss, financial and otherwise, and then develop a plan, within what the law provides, to answer these questions and compensate our clients for the losses they have incurred. If you have been involved in an accident involving an automobile, bus, motorcycle or truck and are seriously hurt, call me right away.
You only have a short amount of time before you lose your legal rights. Let’s talk about your case, and the best course of action.


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